Waste transport

Cargo Silesia firm has the fleet of trucks with all permissions concerning wastes transport. It allows us to transport all kinds of wastes quickly, efficiently, and at the highest quality level. We have storage halls for transhipment. Thanks to this, we are able to provide comprehensive services to our clients. Strict and well-coordinated cooperation with recycling and transport companies allows us to conduct transport of dangerous waste from and to any place in Europe.

Cargo Silesia firm, within its activity, provides the transport collected wastes with special transport measures, adjusted to type of wastes and client’s needs. Truck tractors, together with tipper trailers for the transport of industrial wastes and modern, and unique walking floors with side doors, due to which we gain various possibilities of goods loading as well, are at the disposal of our clients.

The transport of dangerous waste is carried out in compliance with the requirements of international convention concerning the road goods transport and the transport of dangerous loads (ADR) We also have GPS localisation system, thanks to which every waste transport is controlled and monitored from the moment of the collection to the supply of waste to a place of storage.